I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

Red Bull Feeling 8:51 AM

I feel energized and ready to get back on track.

Sidebar - anyone remember that scene in Knocked Up where her sister comes into her room in the morning and is all energized and she asks how many red bulls she had? she's like "I've had about three redbulls in the last fifteen minutes" or something like that....I feel like that :)

I'm feeling very skinny today because I put on my size 4 work pants and they were all saggy so I put on the new size 2's and they fit like a glove - I even had to poke a new hole in my belt because it was too big. Very exciting news. Even though the scale says the same thing (123.6) I'm feeling slimmer than usual. I'm giving myself the freedom to eat semi-normally on Friday because I'm going out with friends, so I'll be restricting a bit today to get ready for it - only a banana and a salad for me today. Hopefully I can be alone on Saturday and Sunday and do a bit of a system flush to get ready for next week. (I use epsom salts) I follow the directions on this site - totally cleans you out! Next week I plan to work out for an hour everyday and eat about 500 calories....that's usually the minimum I need if I want to get anything out of my workouts, anything less and I just don't have the energy. Here's some Marisa Miller thinspo...her stomach is AMAZING!


Savory Sweet said...

Thanks for the thinspo :)

Hooray for that skinny feeling. Fitting into teeny pants is a great boost! Have fun with your friends.

Rachel said...

Loving the thinspo she looks *AMAzing*... but wow size 2 are you kidding? that is freaking awesome!! I don't think I was ever a size 2- I use to be a size 3 tho :). You seem so in-control and that is great. So happy for you. Drinking salt water is so hard for me to do, I would love to be able to do it.
I will be reading... good luck today..xoxo

Rachael said...

Well done for your success! Moving down a dress size is such a good feeling. I am some what jealous as you do seem very in control of your diet but it's very inspiring for me.
Have a good time with your friends and that thinspo is gorgeous.x

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