I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

Why I want this.... 8:14 AM

inspired by Kat

1. I want to wear shorts. I have not put on a pair of shorts (aside from around the house) in probably about 10 years. I'm just not one of those people who will wear shorts unless my legs are FRAIL...which they haven't been for some time now...
2. I want to be able to show my stomach (ever so slightly) with a shorter shirt and not worry about a muffin top.
3. I want to not only fit into a size 0...I want to swim in it!
4. I want to run around in a bikini on the beach
5. I want my boyfriend to pick me up and carry me around with ease
6. I want people to tell me I'm skinny and call me the skinny one when I'm not around
7. When I get married (not for a while...yikes) I want to wear a form fitting slinky dress, you can only do that if you are literally skin and bones....form fitting white dress? A fatty's nightmare...
8. When I get pregnant (not for a while..double yikes) I want to be so thin with just a bump belly
9. I want my skin to be so taught, don't want anything to ever sag...
10. I want to be a milf someday....you don't see any fat milfs...
11. I want to have a sordid affair with a European...wouldn't have the confidence if I was fat.
12. I want to have sex in the daylight and not worry about my cellulite or a little roll here or there
13. I want to have bruises on my hipbones (when i was skinny I always got bruises there for some reason)
14. I want to walk around my house naked with my boyfriend there and not worry about what jiggles
15. Most of all, I want to be envied by everyone who sees me.

Why do you want it?


Rachel said...

Man, I need to make me a list too! everyone is doing it... I love it! That's so cute about the baby bump thingy. When I was preggers I just had a bump no fat how cute huh? GIrlie that is not the wig in the picture just a few extensions mixed in with my real hair. Thanks for the compliments... and seriously? That vodka, water, and lemon idea sounds like da bomb- I just may fork out 50 bucks to the sitter so I can go.
thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Um. About the preggy thing, I'd just be too scared about nutrition for the baby. And getting impregnated (I said it, and yes it sounded like animals mated) in the first place would be tough if you've lost your period.

nonetheless, I like your notion of a thin life: running around in a cute little world with no worries or jigglies or idea that food can be more than something you have to have every now and then.

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