I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

How many calories is the right amount? 9:59 AM

Ok, so 380 cals yesterday, 790 the day before. I've only had a mango and a handful of mixed nuts today, trying for around 400 today. I've been trying to not measure cals throughout the day - just eating when I'm hungry and adding it up the next day, this is why my totals are so off lately. Has anyone ever tried 2-4-6-8? I've hit a plateau and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get past it. I'm steady around 124lbs. I've been working out and eating anywhere from 400-800 cals a day but everything stays the same. I'm not good at fasting, so I'm not sure what to do. I know I would have trouble with the 200cal days, but really want to do something to boost my metabolism.

Did anyone see Oprah the other day? Dr. Oz was on talking about these people who restrict their calories. For men, it was like 1900 cals and for women it was 1600 cals - they talk about eating right, and restricting a bit to be healthier and live longer. I think that once I hit my ultimite goal weight I will do this - I doubt I'll be able to get up to 1600 cals a day, but I'll settle for 1000 or something to maintain. I say that now, but who knows how I'll feel once I hit a goal...no goal will ever be low enough probably. Anyway, I'm just looking forward to a longer, healthier, skinnier life.

Hope you are all doing well!


SophiaRuins said...

when i hit a plateau, i decrease intake severely and exercise twice as much so i can just plow through it.
it usually works for me, though i haven't hit a plateau in a while.

keep up the good work!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

Savory Sweet said...

2-4-6-8 or some variation of it def. works.

I can't stick to 200, 400, 600, 800 so I just vary my calories every day, making sure never to go over 800. For instance I'll do something like: 197, 560, 300, 64, 400.

I lose a pound a day on it (some of this is probably water weight). Before this I was def. plateauing. Good luck :)

Natasha said...

Great tips ladies - thanks!

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