I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

Back on Track 10:34 AM

Ok, so I'm making myself post at least once a day from now on...I need to get myself back on track and I feel like crap posting when I'm doing not-so-well. Yesterday was a not-so-well day. I think I was up to about 1500 calories...the most I've had in a long long while. I had ice cream, a muffin...all kinds of crap....and did not purge any of it up. Oh well....at least I worked out... :)

So today's consumption, 1/2 a cantaloupe and a handful of mixed nuts so far, planning on having a bit of hummus with a crispbread and a hearty dinner of salmon a small sweet potato and some edamame. All for a total of around 600 cals...I did not work out because I'm super sore from yesterday, so I'll work out extra hard tomorrow.

I find that if I restrict too much all I think about is food and end up binging..so I'm putting myself back on the plan that works....500-800 cals a day and working out most days. I'm going to go grocery shopping this weekend to stock up on some yummies...I have some new ideas...

Oh crap, I just realized I told my boyfriend that I would eat with him tonight...damn. Might have to shelf my dinner plans for tomorrow....ugh. I dread to think of what it will be like when we live together...he's gonna have to get used to my eating habits real quick.

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread."
-Mother Teresa


Jess said...

Yeah I think the 500-800 cal idea is a good one! It's kind of what I do too and I think it's enough most of the time to prevent binges but still low enough that you'll lose weight.

em said...

agreed... i'm trying to stay around 600 a day, give or take a little. i used to subtract my exercise calories from my day's total, but i'm not doing that anymore... extra push!!! keep strong and to the plan, i will too :]

Rachel said...

So glad you are back on track good for you! that is a good calorie aim! And that quote is so beautiful I LOVE IT! thanks for sharing it

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