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So Much for a Light Day 12:26 PM

So since I had a big eat day yesterday I had planned on taking it easy today, but then my boyfriend suggest we go to my favorite place to eat for brunch, Orange- everything is organic, so it is so hard for me not to eat there because I know everything is pretty good for you - no hormones, etc. So we got the famous frushi - omg sooo good, it is like sushi but with fruit, and they infuse the rice with fruit juice...mmm...so I had two pieces of that and half of my huevos rancheros...I'm guessing probably had about 4 or 500 cals...cause I got some fresh squeezed fruit juice too. If any of you are ever in Chicago, you should def go there...so delish! Hopefully I can really hold out most of the day and eat a very very very light dinner. maybe just a small salad. Hope you ladies are doing better than I am! I'm going to head to Whole foods to get my food for the next week or two. I find it so much easier to stay on track during the week when I have a schedule....my goals for this week....only 200 cals during the day at work and try for very light dinners....workout at least an hour everyday.

This is what the frushi looks like....yummm....with three m's


joann said...

i would have one of those right now :D

Maggie said...

They sound really good!! I'm actually going to try and make them myself.

Hope dinner goes well

Reese said...

Yummy groceries!

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