I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

Can't stop eating... 9:20 PM

Thanks ladies for all of you kind words on the pics I posted earlier today, I really needed it because today was a not so good day. Total consumption is probably around about 8 or 900 cals. I was doing well all day until my roommate got home...she ordered Chinese food, that is such a weakness for me, but I resisted, so that is somewhat of a 'yay' for me...but then she brought out the chocolate covered pretzels and kept insisting I have some. I know I can make up my own mind about eating, but I just couldn't resist and I didn't think they would have that many calories. So, I had three, then look at the cals on the box - 160 in 3. jeepers...I could have had like 3 apples for that. Oh well, not a huge deal I suppose, but when I already had dinner and some berries for dessert, I really didn't need those. Then she suggested we have some wine...so I had a glass...it is Saturday after all. I'm allowed one slip up every now and then though I suppose. I'm definitely not going to purge anymore though...not unless I have something really disgusting like McDonald's or something...eww...I don't even want to think about eating that shit. So, I have to stay up pretty late tonight to pick up the boyfriend from the airport at like 1am, that means I couldn't go out...glad I'm not wasting calories on booze...just chocolate. HA. I'm going to have a very light day tomorrow, I'll try for maybe 3 or 400 cals.

Just a quick note - thank you to all of you for welcoming me so warmly, it is so nice to be able to be completely honest with you all and the support means more than you know. Big hug!


Maggie said...

Room mates can be a problem when it comes to food =) But hey you still did alright with a total of 8-900cals - could have been much worse, I know if I have one glass of wine that I will have a second one, third one and so on.

Also - I love the design of your blog!

Jenna said...

I agree with Maggie-- 800-900 isn't bad at all. Definitely not a binge! But I totally understand the anxiety, its the worst.

Loving you!

joann said...

I enjoy reading you (:

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