I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

Pics of Me 7:15 AM

Ok, so this is taking a lot of courage. Hopefully these can be my before photos one day. So, here I am at 126.8lbs.

I had to take them down...they were haunting me!


Jess said...

Your thighs aren't big trust me...you look great in the lying down one...very sexy lol!

Anonymous said...

You look good! Your thighs don't big at all, smaller than mine at least. Love your bra/panty set!

Tulip said...

You are so not fat! Your arms are awesome and I love that set on you!

joanna <3 said...

ommm, i have bigger thighs and your body doesn't seem to be fat but rather firm and terse, I like it.

Jenna said...

Hey Natasha, thanks for following my blog!

And you're so thin! Just look at that 3rd photo!

Maria said...

Looking good to me. I like your arms!

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