I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

Moving 11:14 AM

So, I'm moving in with my boyfriend next month, and I'm getting pretty nervous. I'm having trouble convincing him I eat normally now, and I only see him a few times a week. I guess I'll just go on telling him I had a big lunch at work, I feel sick, I'm not hungry....any ideas? I usually just don't eat much during the day when I see him cause I know we will have dinner together. The other thing that sucks is that he's really tall and skinny, so he can eat whatever he wants. I guess maybe I'll just offer to cook most of the time so I have control over what we eat.

The trouble with him is that he still liked me when I was a bit bigger - don't get me wrong he likes me smaller more (obviously), but I'm afraid that he will be pushing me to eat all of the time....he does that now and it is really getting old. Does anyone live with a mate that can give me a bit of advice?


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