I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

Fatty Fatty 2X4 8:05 AM

Why is it that if you want to eat healthy people make fun of you? Like when you're out to eat with friends and you have a salad - they're like "that's all you're eating" all judgy. I mean, it's not like I say things like "you're going to eat that whole burger and fries". Excuse me for not wanting to be a fatass.

Obviously I'm bitter because I was doing so well yesterday, but went out with friends and they got all "you need to eat something" on me...

Consumption for yesterday:

Grapefruit: 75
1 Wasa Crispbread with Hummus: 95
String Cheese: 60
Baked Tilapia: 200
Sweet Potato w/ evoo: 150
Small glass of red wine - 100

Total: 680


Anonymous said...

Here is my post about kombucha:
I like it. A little bit of an acquired taste I suppose.

I haaaate when people comment on what I'm eating. Couple weeks ago I ordered a salad while my friend got all kinds of gross fried crap, and she goes "Ah now you're making me feel bad." No, I'm not doing anything. YOU are making YOURSELF feel bad. Grr... lol. :)

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