I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

FAST as you can... 6:21 AM

Oh man did I have a long weekend, sorry for no updates, it is hard to get some alone time around the family. Ok, so as for fasting, I know Jenna said that she's already fasting, so I would love to join you. I know hey.hana said she would like to start on Sunday, but I had to have Easter dinner with my family so that was out of the question. So if you guys want to keep your fast going with me that would be great - I'm going to fast today and tomorrow - my sis is coming back up to visit me on Wednesday so I'll have to eat, I'm sure. So, Rachel, Tulip, are you up for joining Jenna and hey.hana?

I know I gained a shitload of weight this weekend so I really need some sort of 'cleansing'. I wish I could take a laxative to wash everything out of my system before our fast but I have to work a real job, so I can't be in the bathroom all day :) I know, TMI.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - sometimes it is ok to forget about stupid calories and just have fun for once....knowing you'll get back on track.....

“When sadness comes, just sit by the side and look at it and say, “I am the watcher, I am not sadness,” and see the difference. Immediately you have cut the very root of sadness. It is no more nourished. It will die of starvation. We feed these emotions by being identified with them.”
-Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh quotes


nadja said...

that's such a beautiful quote, thank you for sharing it. *hugs*

shimmery slippers said...

That is a beautiful quote. I would love you to join you in fasting starting tomorrow. I will go on a liquid and cucumber fast, to try and fight against the spreading weight from the past fortnight.

much love,

ella xx

Rachel said...

This weekend was horrible for me too- I am fasting on Thursday- the rest of the week will be around 0-300 cals then next week i'm going to fast for about 3 days. That is a beautiful quote. And man, I agree I think the only reason I give into calories is because I know I will get back on track. Good luck with the fast keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the fast! You'll do amazing and impress us all. :)

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