I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

Quick Tip 6:09 AM

As all of us should, I take vitamins every day. My roommate is a nurse and she knows a heck of a lot more about the human body than I do. One tip she gave me is that if you take vitamins on an empty stomach, a majority of the nutrients in the vitamin will not be absorbed, you will just pee it out. I always thought they told you to eat something with them so your stomach wouldn’t get upset. So ladies, make sure to have a little something with your multivitamin!

Consumption for yesterday was great (for me):

Apple: 50
Adora (chocolate calcium supplement): 30

1/2 Larabar: 100 (I got the cherry pie one - and it was sooo delish!)

Stir Fry
1/2 Chicken breast: 100
veggies: 30
sauce: 40

Total: 350

Also - hopped on the scale this morning - 124.8 - keeps going down - YAY!

Here's hoping everyone has a super skinny day!


Tree said...

your roommate is right :) - I learned that through anatomy & physiology class. You can notice the color of your pee too if you don't eat with it. Its almost a neon color (am exaggerating a bit) -

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