I Am A Giant Cow

That is why I will work my entire life to become thin again

Feelin' Good From My Head to My Shoes! 6:23 AM

Good Morning Ladies! I'm finally down to 125.6lbs! That's still a little over 125, but hey it works for me! That's like my halfway point...not really, but in my head once I got to 125 I would be semi-happy. Consumption for yesterday was under my usual, so that's great!

baby banana ~ 20 (didn't eat the whole thing)
veggies and fage 0% ~ 130 - not really sure if that's accurate, I have trouble calculating mixed veggies
salmon, broccolini, yam, evoo ~350

Total: ~500

Worked out for an hour - abs, tris, chest, and elliptical.
I also worked out this morning for 1.5 hours - legs, back and treadmill. Sometimes I love getting it over with early, it is just so hard to get out of bed!

I'm feeling so good!
The only thing that's going to ruin my day?

I have a wine and cheese class with the boyfriend tonight....ugh. My sis bought it for us for Christmas, so its not like I can skip out on it - she's been asking when we're going and will want to know how it was...plus I looove wine and cheese....maybe that's why I'm so gigantic in the first place! So, I'm going to have 150 cals during work and not eat dinner...the class isn't until 7:30pm, so I'll just tell the boyfriend that I already ate dinner when we go to the class. I don't know the first thing about how many calories will be in this cheese...I'm wondering what's worse? drinking more wine than cheese and getting all drunk and having to come to work tomorrow, or eating too much cheese and gaining like 10 pounds....my bf is totally going to be shoving this stuff in my mouth too. The worst part is that I'll probably be spending the night at the boyfriend's house so I can't jump on the scale in the morning...I've become so addicted to the scale! Anyway, wish me luck! Can anyone think of any excuses for me not to eat some of the cheeses?


Maria said...

Seems like you're doing great. It really is hard calculating those mixed veggies! Good luck, with the wine and cheese thing.

joann said...

You may say that you had a huge dinner before or that you've stomachache sudden/because of period :P

do your best to eat as little as you can xxx

Natasha said...

Funny you should say that because I actually did finally start my period today, so it is not like I'd be lying! Genius!

SophiaRuins said...

hmm claim lactose intolerance.
or, just say that eating cheese always makes your stomach hurt really badly.
or say that you feel bad for the cows lol
or jsut say that eating cheese with wine gives you massive moods swings.
my mom sued to say that all the time. mostly cuz it was true.
then again shes insane.
haha good luck with the wine & cheese tomorrow!

sounds like youre doing great so far.

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

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